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In-Game Chat Window

Ability for players currently logged in to "Chat" while playing or in between games. If nothing else, to congratulate someone on a well-played game, etc...

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Leon Parnas shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
planned  ·  AdminSpeedWords (Administrator, SpeedWords) responded  · 

Thanks for the feedback, Leon! There isn’t much time to chat between games, but I’m considering a feature where you can tap to quickly give some canned feedback like “Great game!” or “I’ll get you next game!”, etc. There is also another item to allow players to post profiles, including an instant messaging address so you would be able to chat in a separate window. We’ll start with that and see how it goes! -David

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  • Leon Parnas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    David, completely understand, thanks.

    Just to expound on my suggestion a little further, not arguing with your comment, merely food for further thought:

    I think the game would actually be stronger if (a) there was a full chat window; and (b) time between games was longer - 1 min or so, or there was an option to "sit out" a game, while continuing to chat.

    Social aspect to gaming is very important, there might be a few people who don't care, but I suspect they are a minority. Game is that much more interesting if you can discuss what happened in the previous round, what interesting words were found, who tripped up on what, etc. Plus strategy, tactics, etc.

    25 second clock between games is probably my LEAST favorite aspect, it's too rushed and as result I have to disconnect frequently to do other things. I think I'd prefer just a little fewer games, but more interaction.

    I think in that variation the game would be more "sticky" (people would log in and STAY longer, chit-chating in between games), and be more enjoyable overall. It would also appeal to a broader audience, rather than just hard-core scrabble/word-game players.

    I'll think you'll have a much more popular product in the long-run.

    I'm an IT strategist and have guided several start-ups over the years (including 1-2 in gaming domain), so this is more of a professional, rather than personal opinion. Having said that, I also enjoy the game in the current form - excellent job developing it!

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